Parents are letting us know how much their kids are enjoying this American History series. This one tells the story of how the first American patriots wanted to break away from Great Britain’s rule and how they went about it. The main character is a substitute history teacher named Rush Revere, who, along with his talking horse, can travel back in time to actually be with the patriots in that turbulent time. Readers will meet Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and Samuel Adams as they learn about this dangerous and exciting time in our history. Book One in the series is Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. These books for young readers (and adults) make history interesting and accessible in an entertaining and engaging manner.
  • THE GOLDFINCH by Donna Tartt

    You have probably heard about this book, but we want to add our excitement for it. If you like to be thoroughly absorbed in a story, this book is for you. It’s hefty, 771 pages, and that’s an asset, because when you love a book, you want to “live with it” for awhile. The story begins in present-day America when you become acquainted with thirteen-year-old Theo Decker. His mother has died in an accident and his father is out of the picture. He goes to live with a wealthy friend in New York, and there begins an odyssey into the world of art collecting that ultimately introduces him to the criminal underworld. The painting of a goldfinch is paramount to the story.

    For those kids who have loved the Kingdom Keepers series, be sure to let them know that Book VII in the series is out. It brings to conclusion the exciting tale of the conflict between those who would do The Magic Kingdom harm and those who are trying to save it. The author solicited input from his fans on how to bring the series to an end, and they replied with enormous support. Over 50,000 fans contacted his website with suggestions on how to end the series. The winning suggestions were incorporated into the story and the names of these Insiders are noted in the book. As Ridley says, “Together, we crowd-sourced the writing of a novel.”
  • BOOKS DO FURNISH A ROOM by Leslie Geddes-Brown

    Nothing says WELCOME to a room like books! They draw you in and invite you to look at them. This book shows you many ways to use nooks and crannies in your home as resting places for your books, as well as in traditional bookcases and in unusual receptacles Use them as room dividers, space definers, and conversation pieces. Stack them as decorator objects, but most of all ENJOY them. They say a lot about who you are!

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